About the blog, the site, and myself

Site logo So, here’s my website! Here you will find information about myself, my projects, and also a good share of my thoughts and different stuff I want to share (if you read the posts, that is). Most of my time is spent programming for mobile devices. Today this means that I write mostly for Android. It is certainly possible that it will change in some future because you never know what new developments in IT can surprise you with, but for now Android is my primary area of interest.

That certainly doesn’t mean I don’t do anything else. There is a lot of interesting stuff around. We always love to try out this and that, right? So that’s what I do: experiment with different stuff, such as programming languages, frameworks, tools and so on. And some of these experiments find their way here (if they are worthy enough, of course, and I’m in the right mood to write).

And this is also my blog

… which means that I write about the stuff. Something I experiment with, as I mentioned, or something interesting I find - my personal take on the things. I have to admit that I criticize things a lot. As a wise man once wrote, everything we create sucks. At least, to some extent. That includes our software, tools we use, and programming languages (and they are tools too). But that doesn’t matter as long as we know the weak spots and work on them. Don’t take it personally if I mentioned your tool unfavorably too!

My nicknames

My avatar

If you read the page about me, you should’ve noticed that I mentioned two of my nicknames: Malcolm and Dr. Metallius. The first one is a nickname which also gave the name for this website. The name is that uncommon, and quite far from my real name. Only those who played Unreal Tournament in the days of its glory will know it’s that Malcolm. By the way, I really hope the days of UT come back to us, but I digress.

Unfortunately, it’s also usually taken on the websites (did I mention that this name is not uncommon?). So when it is, Dr. Metallius is at your disposal. I happen to like thrash metal music, and I also play an electric guitar, so now you know where this nick comes from. The name also starts with an “M”, so I don’t even have to change my avatar! You can see it on the left.

How do you contact me?

Plenty of contact links are available at the page about me. The most obvious one is the email, I’ll put it here too: alexander [dot] gazarov [at] gmail [dot] com.

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