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Web projects

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This very website

Why not create a website yourself when you need one? This website was built using Jekyll and Material Design Lite. I decided to switch to Jekyll because static websites are so much easier to deal with. And given my extensive experience with Android, it only feels natural to make the site have material design too.

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Info to the People

SMS-based currency converter

This small web app with a fancy name was written during one of the courses at Pace University. Sometimes you only have a simple phone with no access to the internet and no ability to download and run applications, but you still need to get some basic information about the outside world. That's when you can use a service like this. My part of the project allows to get currency conversion rates using SMS messages.

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Old Malcolm-Soft

Previous version of this website

This website used to be built using Anchor CMS and Bootstrap. The CMS is pretty tiny, supports Markdown, which is very cool, and with Bootstrap the website ran fine on mobile phones too.

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Really old Malcolm-Soft

The version before the previous version of this website

This website used to host mostly my Java ME applications and also contained help and FAQs for them. The site was was built for feature phones, so it used only the mobile subset of XHTML and CSS 2 so that the phones are able to handle it, but it also used PHP to generate its pages.

Android Development

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Photoshop scripts for Android

Fast way to generate all the needed resources for Android applications

This is a set of scripts written in JavaScript for Adobe Photoshop which make generation of resources a lot easier. Usually it takes half a dozen images to make some graphic resource because of the number of pixel density buckets. When drawing buttons, the problem becomes even bigger because now we have to deal with different drawable states as well. These scripts allow you to draw the image once and then automatically generate all the necessary images.

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ant files for Android development in NetBeans IDE

For those who like NetBeans IDE and want to develop for Android

This is an experiment of setting up NetBeans IDE for Android development which resulted in a set of ant files. When they are added to the Android project, they allow to do the same actions in NetBeans IDE as in Eclipse or Android Studio: building, installing, running, debugging and so on.

Java SE work and contributions

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Contest calculator

Tool for parsing forum posts for a photo contest

SEclub used to host photo contests which consisted of posting the photos on the forum and reviewing them by contestants themselves. In order to simplify the calculation of results and to publish them easily on the forum, I created a Swing application which analyzed the forum posts, calculated the score of each contestant and presented them in several ways.

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Patches for NetBeans IDE

I usually use NetBeans IDE to write applications in Java. Unfortunately, sometimes your favorite editor contains bugs which no one is willing to fix. That's when I decided to fix the bugs myself and wrote the patches correcting them. There was a bug with incorrect settings for Java ME project, a bug with non-working editor actions, and a bug with non-working SFTP deployment, all fixed by me.

Ruby Projects

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Roguelike about the guy with guns and the demon armies

Sometimes I like to write something just for fun, and this project is an illustration of that. This game tells a story about a guy who got into trouble and now has to fight to get out of it. Think about this as Painkiller in the classic roguelike setting: randomly generated levels, ASCII graphics, and so on. This project is a work in progress and is not yet ready to see the world, but already large enough to be worth mentioning here.