Java ME Projects

Major applications

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GIF animation editor

The app allows to edit GIF animations on mobile phones. Since the phones don\'t support reading frames from a single file, this app used a library written by the author specifically for mobile phones. The MIDlet also allowed to optimize and deoptimize existing GIF animations.

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Archiver for mobile phones

This app was designed specifically for Java ME phones, and supported working with ZIP, tar, tar.gz, GZIP and RAR archives. Since mobile phones can\'t work with native code, Java libraries were written specifically for this application. When Android smartphones started to dominate the market, this MIDlet served as the basis for the Android app.

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Image resizer

Most mobile phones did not have built-in ways to change the size of the images. A library was created for this app to read and save JPEG files, and later the functionality was gradually extended to GIF, PNG, BMP, and WBMP.

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Exif tag editor and shredder

Mobile phones usually detected photos as JPEG files with Exif tags, so if the image was not to be placed into the album, Exif tags had to be deleted. This application detected Exif tags and deleted them. It could also view existing information stored in the tags.

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ID3 tag editor

This MIDlet is able to edit MP3 file tags. ID3v1, ID3v2.3, and ID3v2.4 versions are supported. It allowed to edit not only work with the most basic fields, but also with more advanced, such as comments and lyrics.

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Hunt the Wumpus

Classic game implementation

This game implements the famous Hunt the Wumpus. The main purpose is to descend into a dangerous cave system while seeking for a creature called Wumpus. The MIDlet stays true to the original as much as possible.

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Online catalogue browser

The project was written for SEclub, a popular Russian WAP site at that time. The website had a catalogue of mobile phones, and the app was its offline analogue. The app was XML-based and automatically downloaded the latest information from the website.

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Photo uploader

This is another project written for SEclub. Its main purpose is to provide a way for the users to upload the photos from their mobile phones in batch. The app automatically scales them to the necessary sizes using the same custom library as ImageMorpher.

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A tiny player for MIDI files

The app is designed to play MIDI files on mobile phones. Since many mobile phones can't read files from the file system, the app allows to pack the audio files right into the JAR of the MIDlet and play them from there.

Small and unreleased apps

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Game of Life

Cellular automaton

This app is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life for mobile phones. It had some adjustable rules, and eventually it served as an inspiration for the LivingCells application for Android.

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Simple benchmark application

The app tested performance of various aspects of the JVMs on mobile phones. Specifically, the tested parameters were array access, exception handling, field access, arithmetic operations, thread switching, loops, method calls, and garbage collection.

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Music Master

Music player with OGG Vorbis support

This app was an experimental player designed to decode Vorbis format on the mobile phones using a library written specifically for mobile phones. The app was not released due to the low number of phones capable of handling the amount of required operations in real time.

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Boot Joker

Joke program

This app explored some of the less used capabilities available only in select phones, namely the application autolaunch at startup feature. This application used this option to play a MIDI file which made the phone vibrate like a heart as a joke.