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Audio tag editor

Audio tag editor which supports tag editing in MP3 and MP4 files. In MP3 files, all IDv1 and IDv2 tag versions are supported with the exception of IDv2.2, and in MP4 files it supports iTunes tags. Features a media browser, a multiple file editing mode, and the ability to edit attached pictures. Needless to say, it fully supports Unicode and can help you fix old and busted non-Unicode tags.

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File manager and archiver

A file manager with the support for such archives as ZIP, RAR, 7z, tar, and tar.gz, both packing and unpacking (except RAR, of course, because of the license restrictions on packing). It is distinguished by having some neat features such as two panels, drag'n'drop support, root operations, but most importantly nice, convenient, and lean interface without any unnecessary clutter. It was originally created for Java ME, but later the app was rewritten entirely for Android.

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Collection of cellular automata

A collection of cellular automata - fields of cells which live by certain rules. LivingCells includes famous Conway's Game of Life , as well as some other lesser known automata, such as Generations, Turmites and my own colored variant of Conway's Game of Life. The app includes adjustable rules for all of the automata, color schemes with an scheme editor and also allows messing with cells using fingers.

My other apps and contributions

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Heart Rate Transmitter for Biomer Skelters

It is a part of a larger project, Biomer Skelters, which is an artwork by Will Pappenheimer and Tamiko Thiel, commissioned by FACT, The Foundation for Art and Technology. Biomer Skelters (“biome” + “helter-skelter”) is a crowd sourced, wild growth propagator connecting interior biorhythms to exterior ecosystems. Visitors can don a mobile heart rate monitor system to become Biomer Skelters propagators: as they walk the streets of Liverpool and enter a relaxed mind-body state, the generative biosensing system reads their heart rate and automatically generates dense, helter-skelter plant augmented reality (AR) growth in their wake.

This particular Android app is responsible for connecting to heart monitors worn by participants, processing the data and uploading it to the main server. The app also performs adjustment for each person depending on his vitals and provides the visualization of the current body state.

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Biometric Input System

The system is being built as a part of a research project at Pace University which main goal is to investigate the possibility of authenticating and identifying smartphone users depending on how they use the keyboards on handheld devices. The application for Android is an IME which functions as a normal keyboard for Android, but it is collecting various parameters as the user types such as the intervals between the keystrokes, touched screen positions, accelerometer data, etc. The data is then uploaded to a server, where data extraction and analysis is performed.

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Diving Diva

The app was written with a team from Seidenberg Creative Labs at Pace University for educational purposes. The app is intended for the kids to teach them how to dive in a fun and playful way. Players will have to do some tasks, starting with the easy ones and going to harder tasks as the game progresses and new possibilities are unlocked.

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A lightweight text quest engine and editor. The project was written for SEclub, which was one of the most popular Russian WAP sites at the time. They had a text quest on the site, so my task was to write an Android application which would run it on smartphones. The project eventually transformed into a quest engine that could not only be used for running the quests but also creating and editing them right on the smartphones.

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The plugin system and the BBCode plugin for AnySoftKeyboard

Back in 2011 I was looking for a keyboard which would support BBCode to make typing posts on forums easier. I didn't find one, so I decided to submit a contribution to AnySoftKeyboard to include this feature. Eventually me and the developer of the app decided to make a plugin system which the BBCode plugin will be a part of, then I implemented it and it was included into the keyboard.

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Benefit Society

This app was originally created for Tizen during the hackathon at the Tizen Developer Summit 2013. The purpose of the app is to help the guys at the bar when they try to figure out how much each of them owes each other after paying the check. This app is an Android port of the original application.